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White Room
Designing your system for creativity

Build a personalised practice for getting creative work done, consistently and enjoyably, in the face of distraction, procrastination, and endless competing demands on your time.
Oliver Burkeman, author of Four Thousand Weeks


2 two-hour sessions, live online
11 & 12 March 2023 • £47 ($58)

Creative work of any kind requires two sets of skills that are often in tension. On one hand, you need to be open to serendipity, capable of deep focus, and willing to listen to signals from the unconscious. On the other, you need down-to-earth strategies for actually getting the work done – seizing slivers of time when they present themselves, making sure ‘life admin’ gets handled, and keeping going when you’re not in the mood. Rules, systems and practices can help – but only if they’re tailored to support your life, and your ways of working. In this four-hour live event, we’ll explore a wide range of approaches, including:

• How to harness the power – and pleasures – of consistency, working in easily doable daily chunks that rapidly compound

• Abandoning the stressful quest to “come up with good ideas” in favour of strategies for uncovering the good ideas you already have

• Relearning to read, in an era of impatience and distraction, so you can feed your creativity with more than social media

• Techniques for taking, storing and linking your digital notes in a lightweight, low-maintenance system that generates ideas ‘by itself’

• Keeping paralysing perfectionism, imposter syndrome and fear of negative judgment at bay, so you can make creative productivity your default mode.

A practical event, informed by the philosophy of “embracing your limits”, for anyone who knows they could make solid progress on their creative goals if only they could integrate them with the realities of daily life.

Session 1: Sat 11 March 2023, 4-6pm GMT
Session 2: Sun 12 March 2023, 4-6pm GMT
Both sessions, plus recording £47 ($58)

Extremely straightforward money-back guarantee

I very much hope you’ll find that this event exceeds your expectations! But I’d also like you to be able to make this purchase in full peace of mind – so if you change your mind after booking, or if despite everything you don’t end up finding it useful, drop me an email within seven days of the end of the event and I’ll refund you in full. 


Session 1: Sat 11 March 2023, 4-6pm GMT
Session 2: Sun 12 March 2023, 4-6pm GMT
Both sessions, plus recording £47 ($58)

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